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Results of ADMdx’s Visual Read of MK-6240 Tau PET scans Published

February 12, 2023

ADMdx is co-lead author with Cerveau Technologies on a newly published paper describing the results of a visual read method for the tau PET tracer MK-6240 manufactured by Cerveau. Tau is one of two abnormal proteins that are the basis for a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, and the ability to measure it using a brain scan can provide important insight to the presence or absence of disease. In this work, ADMdx visually classified 1,842 tau PET scans using the visual read method developed by Cerveau. The classification results showed strong alignment with the frequency of tau positivity in cognitively normal, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia patients. In reading this number of scans, ADMdx classified more MK-6240 PET scans than had been read by a single entity, and contributed to research supporting the tracer’s usefulness. 

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