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Our Technology – combining the power of AI with brain imaging

ADMdx is a leader in applying artificial intelligence to brain images to extract clinically meaningful insights for diagnosis and drug development. 

We make this possible by combining our AI expertise with a deep understanding of neurological disorders and extensive experience in image quality control and processing.

Harnessing the power of AI

Artificial intelligence uses computerized algorithms to identify patterns in data and is being applied in many fields. The power of AI comes from its ability to identify and quantify patterns that involve numerous data points and relationships. AI can distill these into numeric scores that provide greater sensitivity and statistical power.

Brain dysfunction involves complex changes to numerous brain regions that are difficult to interpret or detect. ADMdx’s founders, including Dr. Stephen Strother and Dr. Miles Wernick, CTO, recognized the power that AI could provide to brain imaging very early on, and pioneered AI advances in diagnosis and drug evaluation.

Building upon this work, we have applied AI methods, including Deep Learning, to an ever-growing set of disease states and drug conditions. Fueling this is our proprietary database of tens of thousands of scans.

While AI enables pattern discrimination, it takes much more to ensure that data used in training is sufficient, representative of real world conditions, curated, and quality controlled.  Patient data must also be quality controlled and prepared before applying AI.

ADMdx is a leader in the quality control and processing of MRI and PET image data for analysis, with proprietary methods to reduce “noise”.  Dawn Matthews, CEO, serves as Co-Chair as the Radiologic Society of North America Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance working groups for amyloid PET and tau PET, focused on reliable image measurement.  ADMdx’s proprietary PipelineMAX software provides an efficient tool for optimizing image processing and analysis pipelines, with audit trail.

Other ADMdx enabling technology

ADMdx Logo
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