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Detecting treatment effect

ADMdx optimizes critical factors for sensitive measurement

Image Quality

Benefit from highly qualified sites as ADMdx goes above and beyond in site selection, qualification, and training.  In addition to qualifying a broad set of sites capable of implementing MR pulse sequences commonly used in trials, we have established a network of sites able to perform advanced multi-modality MR acquisition sequences.

Be assured of image quality with our rigorous quality control and measurement pipelines that combine automated AI-based detection methods with visual inspection tools.

Receive reliable results with minimized technical variability through methods we have pioneered to detect and address image artifact.

Image Analysis

Detect longitudinal change with increased statistical power using pre-defined AI-based classifiers, requiring a lower number of subjects, as well as optimized traditional region of interest methods.

Identify the brain networks affected using data driven multivariate analyses.  Pattern expression is translated into numeric scores that can be used in statistical analyses, with metrics of the reproducibility and predictive power of the results, and quantitation of each pattern’s contribution to the overall effect.

Gain insight into relationships between treatment effect and clinical endpoints and between baseline patient characteristics and treatment response.

Insight into a treatment effect

The image at right shows the relationship identified between increased neuronal function measured using FDG PET and improvement in Quality of Life scores.

Red circles are mild to moderate AD patients treated with rasagiline, and blue circles are placebo-treated patients from the same study.

Source:  Matthews DC, Ritter A, Thomas RG, Andrews RD, Lukic AS, Revta C, Kinney JW, Tousi B, Leverenz JB, Fillit H, Zhong K, Feldman HH, Cummings J. Rasagiline effects on glucose metabolism, cognition, and tau in Alzheimer's dementia. Alzheimers Dement (N Y). 2021 Feb 14;7(1):e12106.

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