Reference data for drugs & disease

Drug reference data: Effects of known compounds on neuronal function

ADMdx has built an extensive reference library describing the effects of a spectrum of compounds having known CNS effects on regional cerebral glucose metabolism.  These drug effect profiles can be compared to novel drug candidates to assess similarities and differences.  Compounds include lorazepam, zolpidem, gabapentin, buspirone, methylphenidate, oxybutynin, NK1 antagonists, a calcium channel modulator, and a CRF1 antagonist. Comparator compounds can also be incorporated into studies of novel compounds.

Dementia Reference Data

In addition, ADMdx has a unique reference set of cross sectional and longitudinal FDG PET, amyloid PET (PiB and AV-45), and MRI image data from subjects who were Normal (amyloid negative and amyloid positive), MCI, MCI converting to AD, and AD.  These data, from the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI), Australian Life Style Study (AIBL), and other sources, is complemented by imaging data from other dementias including Frontotemporal Dementia (frontal variant), Semantic Dementia, Corticobasal Syndrome, Lewy Body Disease, and other dementias.

All of these data have undergone QC, processing, and analysis by ADMdx, and have been combined with demographic, clinical, and cognitive endpoint data for correlation.