Phase II/III clinical trials

ADMdx provides PET imaging services for Phase II and III clinical trials.  A focus area is in Alzheimer’s Disease, where we are applying our unique expertise in the measurement of amyloid (11C-PiB, fluorinated tracers) and glucose metabolism (FDG PET).

Multi-Site qualification and management

ADMdx selects, qualifies, and manages imaging sites based upon imaging trial needs.  In particular we have worked with and pooled data from multiple sites and scanner models.  Our expertise includes reconciliation across data from different scanners, and the ability to objectively identify data stability issues when they occur.

Automated processing pipeline with audit trail

ADMdx has implemented all processing and analysis steps in a configurable automated software pipeline.

This allows:

  • Scalability for high volume trials
  • Automated audit trail and redundant backup for regulatory compliance
  • Ability to track and exactly replicate all steps
  • Rapid implementation of new processing and analysis sequences to meet trial needs
  • Incorporation of advanced analyses into large trials

Reference data

ADMdx has an unparalleled, comprehensive set of reference data against which trial subjects can be compared, and which can be used to prospectively develop study designs.