Phase I clinical trials

ADMdx conducts Phase I clinical trials to support efficient decision making regarding compound dose selection, candidate prioritization, and go-forward decisions.

Pharmacokinetics using PET imaging

ADMdx has access to a wide variety of PET radiotracers to characterize the pharmacokinetics of drugs in development. Among these are 11C-raclopride and 18F-fallypride, which can be used to measure dopamine receptor occupancy as shown below. As drug competes with tracer for receptors, tracer binding decreases; the degree of reduction can be compared across drug doses and compounds. Other applications include bio-distribution studies of radiolabelled compounds.

Pharmacodynamics using FDG PET imaging

ADMdx uses proprietary methods to acquire and analyze PET imaging measurement of neuronal activity using glucose metabolism. These approaches minimize the influence of non-drug related confounds and the number of subjects required to obtain meaningful data for decision making. Results have been used to help determine dosing for subsequent studies, prioritize compounds, and to evaluate potential therapeutic and side effects.