Our experience

We have successfully conducted imaging studies on a comprehensive array of CNS and related compounds including those listed below.  In addition, our team has decades of experience in academic neuroimaging studies involving fMRI, PET, SPECT, and DTI.

Clinical studies

  • Mood disorders: Buspirone, Paroxetine and other SSRI and SNRI compounds, CRF1-targeted compounds, NK1-targeted compounds, novel receptor-targeted compounds
  • Sedative-anxiolitic: Lorazepam
  • Sedative-hypnotic: Zolpidem
  • Epilepsy/Pain: Gabapentin
  • Other GABA modulator: voltage-gated Ca++ channel-targeted cmpd
  • ADHD: Methylphenidate, Atomoxetine
  • Schizophrenia: Cmpd targeted at novel receptor
  • Neurotransmitter: Glycine
  • Other: Cmpd targeted at novel receptor
  • Non-CNS drugs: Tolteradine, selective muscarinic targeted cmpd

Pre-clinical studies

  • C11-labeled novel compound (biodistribution; rhesus macaque)
  • DASB (uptake measurement; rhesus macaque)
  • FDG (effect of ketamine on glucose metabolism measurement; rhesus macaque)

Studies involving data QC and analysis only

  • Multi-site receptor occupancy studies (multiple)
  • Multi-site dementia analysis
  • ADNI (multiple; dementia differentiation, scoring, longitudinal analysis)
  • Preclinical data (novel receptor-targeted compound)

Methodological studies

  • Study of continuous arterial spin labeling (CASL) perfusion MRI
  • Study of data-driven ROI method for high-sensitivity striatal measurements
  • Study of number of subjects required to achieve drug effect detection in FDG PET