Hippocampal measurement

The hippcampus is a brain structure that plays a vital role in the  encoding of new memories. In Alzheimer’s Disease, the hippocampus is one of the earliest regions to deteriorate.  Glucose metabolism in the hippocampus begins to decrease years before symptoms appear (Mosconi et al, 2008, 2009), and thus is an important diagnostic marker.  However, hippocampal glucose metabolism is very difficult to measure using solely a PET scan and automated methods, because the hippocampus is irregularly shaped and shrinks substantially in aging and disease.

ADM uses a novel, automated method of precisely sampling the hippocampus (Mosconi et al, 2005), licensed from New York University (NYU).  This approach has been validated and extended to other brain regions (Li et al, 2008).  The combination of this measure with other measures can further increase the sensitivity and accuracy of disease detection and differentiation.